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  Adoption from shelter rescues versus buying or having a litter 
excuse...."I find great homes for the litter"-  if they are such great homes, and if these people really wanted an animal- they would have gone to the pound... but no -you let you cat/dog take homes and life away from shelter animals.  AND.. are you sure those "great homes" you found are going to spay or neuter the new pet?  Chances are- you just killed thousands of animals... because those babies have babies- and so on and so on
look at the link "just one litter"
Those cute little puppies at the mall and other puppy stores...come from puppy mills.  SO you spend a grand (or more ) on a dog ( but it has a warranty- like a TV )  but in a few years or maybe sooner... all the health problems come up. These problems come from bad breeding, bad conditions at the puppy mill, and many other factors.  Try looking on Petfinder (see link below)look in your animal shelters and humane society ...   I could sit and type all day about  Puppy Stores but there are sites up that have done it for me... please look at all the links below... and do your own research... don't take it from me...do your own  GOOGLE

Watch this short movie about Pet Stores

If you still feel the need to BUY an animal - FIRST.... Please take a walk through your local county's shelter. You may or may not find the trendy "namebrand" you want, but you might make a connection with an animal that is days, hours, or even minutes from Euthanasia.


Did you know that fake fur can cost more then real fur. Some jackets with the fur trim on the hood are real fur FROM DOGS AND CATS These are very disturbing videos of what goes on in the dog and cat fur trade.

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PETFINDER search local shelters and rescues ... you can even search by breed